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Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses

Belts and Hoses in St. Louis

Fairway Automotive performs replacements and repairs for belts and hoses. Your car’s belts and hoses will wear and break over time, it may become so worn it may slip or become so slack that it will not function correctly. The same goes with your car’s hoses, they will get worn over time and may glaze or split after long years of use. A worn belt or a broken hose could lead to some serious damage to the vehicle’s engine, but there is no need to worry, Fairway Automotive is here to help. Preventing these common causes of breakdowns is as simple as getting them checked at routine intervals.

Belts and Hoses Repairs and Replacement | Fairway Automotive




How do I know if I need a belt or hose replaced on my car?

  • A loss of power
  • Hear any squealing or grinding sounds
  • Or if you feel any vibrations, ‘slips’ or ‘catching’ (trust us, you’ll feel it)

How often do I have to have my car belts or hoses inspected?

Here at Fairway Automotive, we suggest you have your car’s belts and hoses inspected every 3,000 miles or with every routine oil change. A belt and hose inspection will consist of:

  • Inspecting hoses for signs of glazing or cracks
  • Check for proper tensioning on the belts
  • Proper alignment of the drive pulley
  • Looking for any holes and splits in the hoses
  • Ensure no splitting, hardening, or softening of hoses has occurred
  • A cooling system pressure test may be performed to help look for cracks in hoses
  • And finally, check for loose or worn clamps
  • All delivered with a premium level of care!