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Heating and AC

Heating and AC

Heating and AC System Repair

Heating and AC systems can wear over time with use. With a little help from proper routine maintenance, you and the passengers in your car will stay cool all summer and warm all winter with a working air conditioning system. We offer the best automotive AC & heating service and repair here at Fairway Automotive.

Your heating and cooling system is vital to keeping you comfortable all year round. Not only does your air conditioning system keep you cool in the summer, but it also offers a secondary function of defrosting your windows and keeping you warm all throughout the winter season. Heating systems are made up of a heating core that sits underneath the dashboard. The heat from the engine is transferred to the coolant which is then used to heat the air used to heat your cabin. Your car’s AC system operates in a similar fashion, by transporting coolant in front of a fan to cool the air blown into the cabin. Unlike residence cooling and heating systems, your heater and AC do not entirely run off electrical parts, but instead, utilize the engine’s naturally created heat and the engine’s cooling capabilities to change the temperature accordingly.

Heating and AC System Repair | Fairway Automotive




Why do we service your Heating and AC systems regularly?

Heating and AC systems can easily wear out in time with use. Over time, hoses may become clogged and leak, resulting in bad efficiency or a lack of heating and cooling capabilities. Getting regular AC inspections could prevent these losses in performance. 

Common signs of a failing AC system are:

  • Your AC blows only slightly cooler than the ambient air
  • The air from the vents smells damp, stuffy, or like mildew or mold
  • No significant heating capability
  • Increased time to defrost
  • Unclean air blown from vents
  • AC stops blowing when the car is idling
  • Your AC and heater functions are switched
  • Air barely blows even when AC is cranked to the max

You get more benefits from servicing your Heating & AC with us.

Repairing your AC will increase the pleasantry of your daily ride. Bringing your car into Fairway Automotive for an automotive AC repair or even just an inspection will result in you receiving:

  • Inspection of the cabin vents
  • Checking radiator coolant levels
  • Inspection of hose pipes, water pump, and condenser
  • Compressor belt inspection for cracks or wear
  • Examination for holes or additional damages
  • Check for AC cooling system pressure
  • Screening for refrigerant leaks
  • Cabin air vent temperature output readings
  • A premium level standard of care!