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Oil Changes & Lube Filters

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Oil Changes, Lube & Filters

Oil Changes, Lube & Filters 

Fairway Automotive offers oil changes and auto repair services that will not break the bank and won’t keep you in the auto shop all day. It is recommended to change your oil every 5,000 miles to prevent engine wear and to keep oil free from particles collected from the road over time.

Your vehicle relies on fresh, clean oil to prevent the different components of your engine from clogging up. Every moving component in your engine creates friction, which produces heat. The oil keeps those parts lubed up and moving smoothly to prevent friction from destroying the engine parts. To extend the life of your engine be sure to maintain a regular oil maintenance schedule.

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When should I change my oil?

You should get your oil replaced every three to five thousand miles. If you would like to check your oil yourself to determine if there is a need for an oil change, you should be on the lookout for dark oil. Your oil should have a nice amber hue to it, if it is dark brown or black, then it is time for an oil change.

During a typical high-end oil service, we will replace your oil filter, along with performing a multi-point inspection. This inspection consists of:

  • Tire pressure check
  • Check the air filter
  • Visual engine inspection
  • Visual belt and hose inspection
  • Inspect and top off all fluids
  • And an undercarriage inspection

Our master technicians are here to help you diagnose any potential issue in your vehicle with luxury standard care.